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06 Mar 2015
St. Louis Domestic Assault Defense Attorney
There are two main types of assault. Aggravated assault, by which violence occurs having a deadly weapon, and simple assault, which occurs with out a weapon. Simple assault typically occurs during physical altercations. The injuries tend to be caused due to punching or kicking an individual. Simple assault has less harsh penalties than aggravated assault.

St. Louis Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Inspite of the severity of these accusations, it is possible to defend yourself against simple assault charges. A prosperous defense may result in the dismissal of the charges against you, or a reduction to a lesser charge.

If basic rights, such as the reading of Miranda rights, weren't respected, the arrest may be considered unlawful. If there is not proper evidence that any injuries were suffered, the truth may be dismissed. And if there's no previous good reputation for violent acts, the sentence might be less harsh.

Those who choose to defend themselves typically end up getting harsher sentences and black marks that permanently stain their permanent records. Incarceration is typical for assault charges, specifically for people that have an earlier record. Fines, community service and anger management courses may be given to those who find themselves minors or first-time offenders.

With proper defense, incarceration could be substituted with community service, and large fines may be replaced with anger management classes. It could be also possible to eventually remove a misdemeanor from one's record. As a result a huge difference when trying to get jobs down the road. With the people searching for jobs in this tight economy, a business won't wish to bring in help having a record of violence.

It's also remember this that the individual is innocent until proven guilty. For all those innocent of the charges, you will need to build a thorough defense in order to avoid these consequences.


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